Download 王室姫蜜-夜に蠢くお姫様たちの禁断大奥 1.14.0 APK

Download 王室姫蜜-夜に蠢くお姫様たちの禁断大奥 1.14.0 APK

App Information of 王室姫蜜-夜に蠢くお姫様たちの禁断大奥

App Name 王室姫蜜-夜に蠢くお姫様たちの禁断大奥 v1.14.0
Genre Games, Strategy
Size22.9 MB
Latest Version1.14.0
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The RPG game “Royal Princess Honey” has arrived! Countless beauties, more exciting than Kabukicho?
A lot of login benefits! Let’s get it! Let’s start your legendary life ♪

The archaic simulation game “Himitsu Hime” delivers the “real life experience” of the ancient government office. In addition to being promoted and building wealth, you can enjoy the battle of the throne, stories with the beauty, trials of various cases, and fostering successors!

* Game features
“Meeting beautiful women from various places”
It is not only the vassals who are attracted to wonderful people. The beauty that meets you as you travel around the country is also fascinated by your charm! You can meet in the market at the teahouse on the shore of the lake. Temptation of beautiful women from dark blue, small fox, Izumo kingdom, Inagi, Shizugo-mae! How do you take responsibility for those fascinated and in love?

“Trial of private case, representative thinking of the people”
Resolve the incidents that occur with the people, broaden your fame, and, of course, increase the trap you can get! It’s made up of a low-ranking office … For those who want to rule over the people and the world! ! !

“ Make the master a hero ”
Those who are attracted to your personality will each have special skills to help you! Hanzo Hattori, increase the vassal, and increase the power! Confront the senior who praises you!

“Real family life experience”
Children are a part of life with beautiful women. Now, let’s pour your full affectionate love as a father! Educated well and became friends with friends when they become adults. Of course, my child who was a filial professor will also improve your power!


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