Download SplashMe | Smart Pool Automation Controller 1.4.6 APK

Download SplashMe | Smart Pool Automation Controller 1.4.6 APK

App Information of SplashMe | Smart Pool Automation Controller

App Name SplashMe | Smart Pool Automation Controller v1.4.6
Genre Games, House & Home
Size14.7 MB
Latest Version1.4.6
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The SplashMe Automation Controller is the most advanced, energy efficient pool maintenance product ever seen on the market.

This free App works with the SplashMe Automation Controller allowing users to have complete control over their pool and spa environment.

Once you have purchased and installed the SplashMe Automation Controller Device, download this App to pair your smartphone/tablet and get started.

How does the SplashMe Automation Controller work?

The SplashMe Automation Controller features an in-built variable speed drive specifically designed to convert any single speed filter pump to a highly efficient variable speed pump.

Using household information (pool size, electricity tariffs) and information collected by the in-built flow, temperature and pressure sensors, the SplashMe Automation Controller calculates the exact time, duration and speed to run the system to eliminate overuse, saving you hundreds every year.

The SplashMe Automation Controller makes it easier and faster to maintain your pool. It will also take over control of connected dosing and cleaning equipment keeping your water hygienic and sparkling clean. Real-time monitoring of pH and ORP means you will always know the exact chemical balance of your pool. SplashMe allows users to set their desired levels and will automatically dose (acid/chlorine) to maintain these and will even alert you when chemical supply needs to be replaced or when the filter needs cleaning.

Using the App, you can also set and maintain your preferred water temperature. The SplashMe Automation Controller uses an integrated water temperature thermostat to control solar heating along with any other gas/electric heat pump to efficiently maintain your perfect water temperature.

The SplashMe Automation Controller works with most brands of pool and spa equipment. Types of products you can connect and control using this App include
Filter Pump
Solar heating and Gas or Electric Heat Pump
Chlorinator (choice of salt or liquid)
Peristaltic pump for acid dosing
In-floor and robotic cleaners
Pool, spa and garden lighting
Spa actuators

How does the SplashMe App work?

Once installed, you will need to pair the App with your SplashMe Device. Then you will be guided through a set up wizard to input your pool size, set up your WiFi and Direct mode connections and calibrate your filter pump.

With the set up wizard complete, you can set automatic schedules or choose to operate equipment manually.

Monitor in real-time
Solar and water temperature
Water quality (pH and ORP)
Water turnover and flow
System pressure with automatic backwash alerts
Energy consumption and cost savings

Control from anywhere
Dosing of chlorine and acid
Pool, spa and garden lighting
Water features
Heating (solar and gas/heat pump)
Pump speed

Install today to start using your SplashMe Automation Controller.

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