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【Hami Pay手機錢包特色】

1. 便捷的電子票證功能
Hami Pay手機錢包整合多種電子票證及行動市民卡,只要您具有中華電信4G門號之NFC SIM卡及NFC手機,即可透過手機進行Hami Pay行動支付及使用市民卡相關公共服務與市民優惠。

2. 整合中華電信Hami Point(原歡樂點)查詢與兌換
開啟Hami Pay我的點數專區,即可以Hami Point兌換各式商品票券,只要輕輕一點就會出現商品條碼,直接在各商品門市兌換就可以囉!除此之外,還可直接用點數折抵中華電信帳單費用或兌換4G流量包,讓你的點數等於現金,省錢又方便。

3. 免出門免插卡的智慧繳費功能
開啟Hami Pay智慧繳費功能,掃描帳單三段式條碼,即可輕鬆繳交水、電、瓦斯、中華電信、桃園市政府規費、新光保險費及學費等帳單。

4. 手機電信帳單即査繳及電子帳單識別申請
開啟Hami Pay智慧繳費功能,除了本人行動電信帳單,現亦可繳非本人電信帳單。另外我們邀請您一起做環保愛地球,在繳費完成後,會引導您進入電子帳單申請流程。若您已經申請過電子帳單,我們將會把發票寄送到您所設定的電子郵件信箱。

【Hami Pay電子票證申請方式】

1. 確認手機支援NFC功能
2. 更換NFC SIM卡(中華電信或神腦服務中心)
3. 下載Hami Pay及註冊
4. 加入卡片:完成記名開通後,輸入驗證碼,即可下載卡片(電信悠遊卡/一卡通/icash2.0),並開始使用感應交易。
5 手機信用卡、手機聯名卡功能僅限Android 6.0以上適用

【貼心小提醒】Hami Pay通過PCI DSS Level 1及FIME實驗室安全檢測,服務安全品質無虞,另外您也可以安裝防護軟體,增加手機安全。

相關使用問題、NFC適用機型及NFC手機感應天線位置整理請詳見emome官網Hami Pay常見問題:
[Hami Pay mobile wallet features]

1. Convenient electronic ticket function
Hami Pay mobile wallet integrates a variety of electronic tickets and mobile citizen cards. As long as you have a Chunghwa Telecom 4G NFC SIM card and NFC mobile phone, you can use your mobile phone to make Hami Pay mobile payments and use citizen card related public services and citizen discounts.

2. Integrate the inquiry and exchange of Chunghwa Telecom Hami Point (formerly happy point)
Open the Hami Pay My Points area, you can redeem all kinds of merchandise coupons with Hami Point, and the barcode of the merchandise will appear with just one tap, and you can redeem it directly at the merchandise store! In addition, you can directly use the points to offset the Chunghwa Telecom billing fee or exchange for a 4G data package, so that your points are equal to cash, saving money and convenient.

3. Smart payment function without going out and card insertion
Turn on the smart payment function of Hami Pay and scan the three-segment bar code of the bill to easily pay bills for water, electricity, gas, Chunghwa Telecom, Taoyuan City government fees, Shin Kong insurance premiums, and tuition fees.

4. Application for instant check and payment of mobile telecom bills and identification of electronic bills
With the smart payment function of Hami Pay enabled, in addition to personal mobile telecommunications bills, you can now pay non-person telecommunications bills. In addition, we invite you to do environmental protection and love the earth together. After the payment is completed, we will guide you to the electronic bill application process. If you have already applied for an electronic bill, we will send the invoice to the email box you set.

[Hami Pay e-ticket application method]

1. Confirm that the phone supports NFC function
2. Replace the NFC SIM card (Chunghwa Telecom or Shennao Service Center)
3. Download Hami Pay and register
4. Add card: After the registration is completed, enter the verification code, you can download the card (telecommunications leisure card/card/icash2.0), and start to use induction transactions.
5 The functions of mobile credit cards and mobile co-branded cards are only applicable to Android 6.0 or above

[Intimate reminder] Hami Pay has passed PCI DSS Level 1 and FIME laboratory safety testing, and the service security quality is safe. In addition, you can also install protective software to increase the security of your mobile phone.

For related usage issues, NFC applicable models and NFC mobile phone sensor antenna location, please refer to the Hami Pay FAQ on emome official website:

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