Free Download 鳳凰秀-頭條視頻深度資訊 APK

Free Download 鳳凰秀-頭條視頻深度資訊 APK

App Information of 鳳凰秀-頭條視頻深度資訊

App Name 鳳凰秀-頭條視頻深度資訊 v5.1.2.8
Genre Games, News & Magazines
Size51.8 MB
Latest Version5.1.2.8
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1.鳳凰衛視同步直播 – 助你實現收睇鳳凰衛視資訊台、中文台、香港台嘅全天候24 小時電視播放同步直播。
2.即時深度熱門資訊 –帶你緊貼「香港熱點」、「財經觀察」、「軍情資訊」等熱門話題,解析世界格局變化,深度瞭解天下熱點時事。
3.王牌節目獨家呈現 – 為你呈現超70檔鳳凰衛視節目,隨時隨地訂閱盡覽《軍情觀察室》、《魯豫有約》、《鳳凰大視野》等王牌欄目
4.片刻話題 –與你透過短視頻平台迅速獲攞新鮮熱點、世界話題



鳳凰秀- 影響有影響力嘅人
官方郵箱:[email protected]
商務合作:[email protected]
Phoenix Satellite TV official client
【Product Features】
1. Synchronized live broadcast on Phoenix Satellite TV-to help you realize the synchronized live broadcast of 24 hours a day TV broadcast on Phoenix Satellite TV Information Channel, Chinese Channel, and Hong Kong Channel.
2. Real-time and in-depth hot news-to keep you up to date with hot topics such as “Hong Kong Hotspots”, “Financial Observation”, “Military Information”, etc., analyze changes in the world’s structure, and gain an in-depth understanding of hot current events in the world.
3. Exclusive presentation of trump card programs – present you with over 70 Phoenix TV programs, and subscribe anytime and anywhere trump card programs such as “Military Observation Room”, “A Date with Luyu”, “Phoenix View”, etc.
4. Topics in a moment – ​​get new hot topics and world topics quickly with you through the short video platform
[Phoenix perspective]

Massive content, delivered 24/7 by us; hot topics, sharp comments by exclusive commentators; Phoenix ace program “Military Intelligence Observatory”, “Phoenix Vision”, “Stone Review Big Finance”, online and offline simultaneous viewing!
The meticulously produced “weekend-style” in-depth feature film “Ace Broadcasting” continues to be broadcast, following the focus, exploding the most popular social or current political topics at the most interesting time points; “Hong Kong Affairs China Heart” Midsummer On-line, the program tells that Hong Kong people uphold the heart of patriotism and love for Hong Kong, seize the opportunity, and invest in China’s development and construction in various fields through infrastructure, financial reform, philanthropy, popular culture, and education. The quarterly broadcast “Earth Life Records” shows you the different stories under the same starry sky, every corner of the earth, every minute and every second, watching the show, and immersively experience a very different life in a different country; it has been broadcast for more than ten years. “Cultural Grand View Garden” will continue to walk with you among the mountains and rivers of the Chinese land, walk into museums, temples and palaces, talk to literati, interpret the history behind the culture, obtain the secrets of Eastern wisdom, and open the gateway to world culture.

Directly on the news site, live broadcast rich content, exclusive 24-hour live broadcast of Phoenix Satellite TV Information Channel, Chinese Channel, Hong Kong Channel TV signals, increase Cantonese news information, more diverse reporting angles, and more language options!

For more exciting, please follow our official YouTube channel of the same name “Phoenix Show”. Multi-platform linkage to satisfy your curiosity! 【Product Introduction】
Phoenix Show-influence influential people
Phoenix Show is an official new media client product created by Phoenix Satellite TV. It is a core platform that Phoenix Satellite TV extends from the TV side to the Internet side. Hong Kong users can watch the live news of Phoenix TV anytime and anywhere through the Phoenix Show client, as well as the exclusive broadcast of more than 70 Phoenix TV programs.
Download the Phoenix Show mobile app now, and master the depth of Phoenix content in one hand
【Official Information】
Official email: [email protected]
Business cooperation: [email protected]
Phoenix Show official website:
Phoenix Show Media Open Platform:
官方郵箱:[email protected]
商務合作:[email protected]

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