Download Komodo Dragon Simulator 2019 1.7 APK

Download Komodo Dragon Simulator 2019 1.7 APK

App Information of Komodo Dragon Simulator 2019

App Name Komodo Dragon Simulator 2019 v1.7
Genre Adventure, Games
Size46.9 MB
Latest Version1.7
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Rating ( 802 )

“Get ready to hunt some little animals and tear them apart with your ferocious komodo revenge dragon teeth! Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an endangered feared animal on a revenge hunting rampage? Have you ever wondered how the world’s biggest barbarous lizard does revenge hunting rampage attacks and survives? Well, now is your chance to find out and get all your queries answered! If the fierce revenge komodo dragon rampage is your favorite dangerous revenge hunting animal then this your chance to make your dream come true and become a ruthless komodo dragon to fight all the dangerous animals on its revenge rampage hunting. This amazing savage Komodo Dragon Simulator will put you in the dangerous revenge hunting Komodo dragon’s skin and you will be able to experience the dangerous hunting challenges an endangered Komodo Dragon rampage encounters in everyday dangerous hunting revenge rampage. Come on and play the best aggressive Komodo dragon rampage revengeful simulator, which is one of the best animal revenge attacking games.

The wild attack Komodo Dragon Simulator starts off easy. At first, you will be given easy revenge attack rampage challenges to get you an understanding of the animal revenge rampage attacking game. Then, you will be gradually given harder revenge attack challenges to make the stunning Komodo Dragon Simulator even exciting for you. You will have to hunt for little animals and even fight an Anaconda to enter its territory. Who would have thought that a murderous revenge Komodo Dragon would lead such an incredible life on its hunting revenge rampage? The realistic 3D graphics and visuals will instantly grasp your attention. You are bound to feel as if you are dealing with a real Komodo dragon attack in this realistic Komodo Dragon Simulator. The wild Komodo lizard revenge attack will make you feel as if you are the one in power. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start this awesome Komodo lizard revenge challenge and have a great time with the vicious Komodo Dragon Simulator on its wild rampage.

Terrifyingly realistic komodo dragon lizards.
Realistic 3D mind blowing visuals and graphics.
Select a cool hat for your ferocious komodo dragon.
Easy instructions and tips to guide your merciless komodo dragon lizard on its rampage.
Use the map to move around and plan your animal revenge attack.
The task you would have to do would be written on the left side of your screen.
Challenging revenge hunting attack tasks.
Move to the next level after completing your first.
Amazing sound effects to enhance your animal hunting rampage experience!”

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